1. About
This site is a provisional outcome of classroom thinking about a place-time syllabus to position oneself in a greater scheme of things.  There are four categories of location where we can discover ourselves by expressing our reactions to place and time in words and pictures.  These are locations where we can contemplate  'kinship', 'nature' 'conflict' and 'god'; as personal statements about cultural and ecology.  As a subject, cultural ecology encourages the search for shared values in planet and cosmos to defuse confrontations where self interest, on one side or another, is seen as a supreme virtue. Shared meeting places are necessary for shared understanding.
As a mind map it has been compiled over many years by teachers and students who have contributed to developing the Schools in Communities Agenda 21 network, now based in the Welsh National Museum and Galleries at Cardiff.  However,  'Meeting Places' is really a collective statement to help future generations cope with the question of what makes one place special and another not.

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